We are inundated with information. It's a blessing and a curse. I tell my students, mostly seniors majoring in journalism, their success isn't in acquiring information, but learning how to effectively share what they know.


My experience working in print and later with digital technologies gives me skills to cut through the noise and get readers' attention. I know how to write clean copy, how to edit stories, how to curate digital content, and how to present information in compelling ways to ever-distracted audiences.


I started working in digital when we were still writing raw code. I was on the team of four editors that built the website. Later on, in my roles as the Times Union's community publishing editor and interactive audience manager, I produced online special sections, built an online community and managed a collection of reader- and staff-written blogs. 


Quality work and a collaborative approach are hallmarks of my career as a digital content manager, communications professional, and educator at the NYS Writers Institute, the University at Albany and the Times Union. I'm comfortable in the world of digital content, public relations, social media, marketing, communications, and teaching.


Information is all around us. How do we decide what to read? What makes us click on a link or read a book? I'm happy to work in a field where I deliver quality content for a discerning audience. 


I graduated from the State University of New York at Geneseo, B.A. 1987, and the University at Albany, M.A. 2013.


I enjoyed a long run at the Albany Times Union in Albany, working first at City Desk and then in Features before I made the leap to join the team of four that launched I've been an adjunct professor at UAlbany for more than 10 years, a position that demands I stay current with emerging technologies and also provides insight into how millennials use digital technology.

I joined the New York State Writers Institute in 2017 in the newly created position of marketing/communications manager. In the past two years, I launched a new website for the Institute, served as managing editor and site designer for the Trolley literary journal, and built the digital assets for the hugely successful Albany Book Festival. I'm extremely proud to work with Paul Grondahl, our director and my colleague from the Times Union days. We're having fun here working at one of the leading cultural organizations in the region. 

What do I do when I'm not working? I avoid computers like the plague. You'll find me somewhere drinking coffee and reading a book. Ink on paper, still. 


Responsible for communications, marketing and messaging for the Institute, a 36-year old cultural jewel based at the University at Albany.


Trolley began with an idea from Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Writers Institute founder William Kennedy, who envisioned an online literary journal published free of charge in which each issue's words and images related to a single theme.

I serve as managing editor, site producer and contributing writer for the literary journal.

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